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“How can I afford a car like this? Simple. I drive a truck like this.”

Owner-operator, Jamie Buckle, attributes his success to two things: hard work and choosing the right truck - the MAN TGX. If you want to make your business more profitable there are lots of ways MAN can help. Our trucks are amongst the most economical on the road. Our driver training makes drivers more efficient. And, our industry-leading Telematics® system allows you to monitor and continually improve both driver and vehicle performance. Together these innovations can reduce operating costs by as much as 10%. That’s a big saving. What you spend it on is up to you.

Behind every great MAN there’s a happy family

Jamie has built up a successful haulage business with the support of his family: partner Justine, son Kamen and daughter Bianca. He loves doing what he does. He’s committed to delivering the best possible service to his customers. And, he’s always looking for ways to do his job more efficiently so he and his family can enjoy the benefits of his hard work. In our experience that’s typical of our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen the Buckle family to be the face (or should we say faces) of our brand. If anyone can help you achieve a better work-life balance, MAN can.

Take a look behind the scenes

The Buckle family are not actors or models, they’re real, everyday people. Watch our behind the scenes video and see for yourself.

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